Whether supporting Fortune 500 corporations or outside counsel, our services are conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, with respect and sensitivity to the culture of the enterprise and the individuals involved.










            Corporate Internal Investigations



These may include advising on financial and operational business controls, such as internal data handling policies and physical security standards, and recommending procedures to safeguard against future problems.


North-RICA’s forensics will examine and analyze relevant business records, reconstruct books and interview involved parties. In doing so, we uncover the facts to determine whether financial wrongdoing has occurred, how long it has been in progress, how it was concealed and the value of the impact.


North-RICA also has extensive experience in assisting clients who are subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations. We draw on a wide range of information to generate critical deal-related intelligence for our clients.





                    Operations Security Protocol


                       FIVE-STEP OPSEC PROCESS


• Identification of the critical information to be protected

• Analysis of the threats

• Analysis of the vulnerabilities

• Assessment of the risks

• Application of the countermeasures


Identification of Critical Information Basic to the OPSEC

process is determining what information, if available to one or more adversaries,would harm an organization's ability to effectively

carry out the operation or activity.


This critical information constitutes the "core secrets" of the organization, i.e., the few nuggets of information that are central to the organization's mission or the specific activity.


Critical information usually is, or should be, classified or least protected as sensitive unclassified information.


Analysis of Threats Knowing who the adversaries are and what information they require to meet their objectives is essential in determining what informationis truly critical to an organization's mission effectiveness.


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                CCI -Cyber Counter Intelligence





Counterintelligence is as old of a tradecraft as intelligence operations. The concept is simple: provide protection against foreign/competitors intelligence operations. The goal with counterintelligence is to prevent, deter, defeat, or manipulate the adversary from conducting intelligence operations on you,those you protect, or your organization to include its operations.


With the unique aspects of cyberspace though, North-RICA 

Red Team have to draw some contrasts between traditional counterintelligence and cyber counterintelligence. 


If NorthRICA Red Team limited CCI to only focus on intrusionby adversary foreign governments or intelligence services many of the scenarios would be overlooked. 


However, NorthRICA Red Team cannot simply apply all defensive actions meant to prevent intrusions into the field of




        Cyber Counterintelligence: Preemptive Protection


Red Team , applies a conventional cyber security program

because we focus on the threat actor – to include motive 

as well as methods.


Outmaneuvering the adversary ,requires a human intelligen

ce understanding and an analysis of the attacker, as a criti

cal component of the threat. Humans, even the most intelli

gent among the species, are eminently fallible because of

emotions and because we are creatures of habit.


Red Team taps into these emotions, to the extent of interacting subversively with cyber criminals when necessary


This process allows North-RICA to elicit intelligence that

 is both accurate and actionable. 



Utilizing our counterintelligence trade craft, our clients are presented with the ability to respond to active internal and external threats targeting:


Valuable intellectual property 

Trade secrets 

Proprietary data 

Financial data and information 

Electronically stored private information




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Overall strategy and process for investigation


Interviewing parties

Interviewing witnesses

Compiling statements

Verifying statements

Gathering/obtaining documentation

Testing medical evidence


Drafting a report